BLue Line BUtton

Show Your Support:

The Thin Blue Line is a heartfelt symbol that shows the public’s gratitude for those working in law enforcement. Our audio recorder is a great way for kids, friends, or the community to literally say thank you and express their appreciation!

Spread Smiles: With the ability to record messages up to 60 seconds in length, you can create your own fun, cheerful desk gift! It’s a thoughtful way to brighten the day of someone whose day-to- day work is often stressful, overwhelming and even dangerous.

Easy to Use: Didn’t get your voice message right on the first try? That’s no problem! Our voice recorder device allows you to delete and rerecord at any time. Simply select record on the button’s bottom, move the tab to play, and push the Blue Line button to hear your message.

Lasts a Lifetime: Anyone who receives this talking toy will be able to cherish it for years to come! Beautifully designed with a blue thin line, high quality construction ensures that your sound clips will be crystal clear and last forever as valued, one-of- a-kind keepsakes.

A Special Way to Show Your Support!

With crime, violence and everything in between, modern society faces a long list of potential dangers. Luckily, we’re fortunate enough to be surrounded by courageous men and women who dedicate their lives to serving and protecting their communities. With the Thin Blue Line button from Talkie Toys, you can show your support and say thank you to the numerous people who help keep you safe! Symbolizing support for law enforcement officers, the Thin Blue Line is a simple yet powerful reminder of the sacrifices the police make.

Our audio button allows you to record personalized messages of gratitude and appreciation!

Able to record messages up to 60 seconds in length, kids, friends, and neighbors can create meaningful gifts for those who often go unappreciated. Help them overcome stressful situations by sending words of motivation, joy, and support! It makes a great keepsake that any parent in law enforcement would love to receive from their children.

Beautifully designed and constructed with durable materials, this button provides clear audio clips. You can rerecord your message as many times as you need. When you’re ready to play it back, just press the Blue
Line button!

Why Choose the Thin Blue Line Button?
- Show support and say thank you
- Records up to 60 seconds
- Personalized gift
- Easy to use
- High quality design

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