On 03/01/17, ODET agents and I attempted to serve a search warrant on a second floor room at the Econolodge in Joplin, MO. We attempted to breach the door but due to the steel door and frame it was a no breach. We attempted a secondary breach point- the window. After the window was broken out, I began to rip the curtains from the window. As I did so the suspect shot one shot at me.
The bullet (.380 fmj) entered the side of my abdomen, right where the bullet resistant vest is supposed to meet (mine had a 1/4 gap that was wide enough for the bullet to enter- grazing both sides of the seems.)
I fell to the ground and a team member grabbed me and drug me to safety around a corner. Three team members located the wound, put pressure on it and carried me to the 1st floor while we waited for EMS. My left lung had completely collapsed at this point from the blood pooling up inside my chest cavity.
After what seemed like an eternity the ambulance arrived. Joplin Police Department officers blocked every intersection from the hotel to the hospital so the ambulance was able to drive through all stop lights and not worry about traffic.
The EMS crew and the emergency doctor and his team did great work. I was later informed that when the chest tube was placed in my chest it immediately drained over 2 liters of blood. Over the next couple days I would lose another liter of blood as well.
The bullet that entered my abdomen went in between my ribs, missed by lung, exited my rib cage, missing my ribs again, only to miss my spine by a 1/2 centimeter and came to a stop on top of my spine. No one can convince me God was not watching out for me that day.
— Deputy Nolan Murray, Jasper County Sherrif's Office
This year’s run (May 13th) was the second event we’ve participated in here in McKinney. This is the second event and this year was bigger and better than last years. It was great to see the community participation and different organizations show up and have a booth at the event. A petting zoo, barbeque joint, FOP stand and other groups made this a great success. Well done by Boston and his team. Let me know if you ever need help with other events. Great cause, great event. See you next year.
— Steve